A Creative Technology Agency

Sensing Places is a MIT Media Lab spin-off that blends creativity and technology to develop state-of-the-art digital experiences for retail, architecture, advertising, and entertainment. We thrive on bringing innovative solutions to our clients and helping them gain the competitive advantage in their markets. We ideate, plan, and develop unique creative technology solutions for various industries, organizations, and brands.

Inventing Your Future

We take on the greatest creative and technical challenges. Sensing Places works closely with our clients, tailoring each project to fit their unique message. We are your strategists, designers, and technology partners. We have a global portfolio of projects including combined $8 billion collaborations with Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid to design innovative interactive experiences and technologies in architecture. Most recently, we conceptualized, designed, and developed software for Vodafone’s new business experience center.


Innovation Is In Our DNA

Founded in 2002 by Flavia Sparacino PhD, a prolific inventor with five academic degrees, including a PhD in Media Technology from the MIT Media Lab, Sensing Places continually pushes the envelope of what can be done creatively with technology. Our founder’s work on gesture control, body-driven dance, and gaming applications came 12 years before the launch of Microsoft Kinect and 5 years before Spielberg’s Minority Report movie was released as documented by the Discovery Channel feature on her work. Sensing Places also created wearable computers and sensors for use in museums and performance spaces almost 10 years before the launch of Google Glass.

A Silicon Beach Company

Our team combines the agility, innovation and collaboration of Silicon Valley startups, with the creative and strategic branding expertise of developed ad agencies. Think of us as your personal Silicon Beach team for hire, ready to develop complex back end infrastructures alongside sophisticated front end interfaces for your web based and mobile systems as well as interactive spaces and installations.


Put Innovation to work for you